We Are Hiring Review Writers & Copywriters

We need thorough, in-depth, comprehensive content and we pay good money for it.

We are hiring the BEST review writers and copywriters for our projects.

We are looking for writers, who can write,

  • In-depth web hosting reviews
  • Blogging tips
  • WordPress tutorials – about plugins, themes, multisites, etc
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) tips
  • Marketing tips
  • Business tips

We have a lot of topics for our writers to choose.

Writers can, of course, suggest a good topic to write.

Please read everything in this blog, it will give you a better view of our projects.

Thank you.


About Us

What This Blog Is About?

This blog is made to hire review writers and copywriters for our projects.

In this blog, you will find out what kind of writers we are looking for,

What kind of writing style we need,

And everything you need to know for your application.


This blog is also a working platform for our writers.

You are going to write and submit your work here.

Please join us NOW !

We Need Thorough Contents

We Need Comprehensive, In-depth and Thorough Contents

We believe that “Content is king”.

Your content must be valuable so that people are going to read it, comment on it and share it.

Here are some directions,

Your content must be,

  • Able to solve your readers’ problems and help them make decisions
  • Thorough and dig deep into anything related
  • A place where your readers can get everything they need in ONE thorough article

Before writing, you must do an extensive research on the topic.

You may also need to know all LSI keywords and long-tail keywords related to your main keyword.

It can give you more ideas about your topic.

Bucket Brigade

What is Bucket Brigade?

“Bucket Brigades are an old school copywriting tactics that were originally designed to keep people reading sales letters.” – Backlinko

Bucket brigades are “words and phrases create smooth transitions between paragraphs and sentences.”

It is a technique copywriter use to keep people reading.

To learn more about Bucket Brigade, read the following articles.

In fact,

We have tried to use “bucket Brigade” in this page.

You may also watch this video about “Bucket Brigade”,


What Is Not Allowed?

We need unique contents.

We take plagiarism really serious.

If Google find out that our contents are stealing from other sites,

We will be out of our business.

And If we find out your contents are stealing from someone else words by words,

You are fired.

That’s simple.


What Kind of SEO Writers Should Know?

We want writers to focus on the content,

and we will also do the SEO before the article is published.

But there are some basic SEO writers should know,

It will make the SEO task much easier,

To know all the SEO stuff we need, please read our internal SEO guide.

How To Apply?

How Can I Apply To Be A Writer?

To apply to be a writer, please send us your resume here.

In your resume, you should…

  • Tell us your working experience as a copywriter,
  • Tell us your area of expertise,
  • Tell us your rate in USD,
  • Tell us your Paypal email address
  • Show us the best reviews & articles wrote by you.

If you are “The One”, you will be invited to write your first review/article for us,

Please show us everything you got in your first review/article,

It is because we will access your ability base on your first job.


Frequently Asked Questions

You'll be paid by PayPal. So please make sure you let us know your PayPal email address.
You have to send us your resume here.

Please read this.
We will recommend writers to create short paragraph, use short sentences and use "Bucket Brigade".
You are going to write directly in this blog.
You will have to email us about the topic of your choice.
You will have to email us about your topic, so that we can discuss it and hopefully it is a good topic for our projects.
We advice our writers to submit not more than one review/article per week.